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The "Electric Bass Shed" was founded by Frank Cook for Cooks Publishing Co. established in 2005. In 1981, Cook, along with co-founder Andy Lalasis, founded La Cook Enterprises, which has published many play-a-long bass books such as the very popular Double Vision Duets and Funk-e-Tudes series for electric bass distributed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia by Jamey Aebersold Jazz Inc. and Advance Music in Germany providing a vast variety of bass material for the up and coming bassist as well as formidable aids for the professional teacher. For the past twenty five years Cook has dedicated his time and knowledge writing our best seller, the "Basic Theory for Electric Bass" book, a comprehensive, in depth study of the Major Diatonic System which is essential for mastering the electric bass. He has also compiled extensive intermediate to advanced lessons that cover many different areas, including the more advanced Harmonic Minor and Jazz Melodic Minor Systems, plus individual mode and chord sequences, technique exercises, interval studies, double and triple stop chords and much more. "Here, at Cooks Publishing Co. we feel that bassist / composer and author Frank Cook with over 40 years of experience in performance and 30 years of teaching, is one of the most dedicated musicians and educators to come to the Philadelphia area. Thanks for your contributions in music and fine art."
Cooks Publishing Company.


Frank Cook has had the fortunate opportunity to study with such Masters of the electric bass as Jaco Pastorius (the world's greatest) and years of extensive one on one studies with master bassist Dave LaRue (of the incredible Dixie Dregs) and guitarist Steve Morse. He's also done extensive studies with jazz guitarist Pat Martino, and master theory classes with Dr. Jacob Neupauer of Combs College in Philadelphia. Frank Cook's teaching method and one on one lessons have successfully groomed his advanced students for auditions and acceptance into Berklee College of Music in Boston, University of the Arts in Philadelphia and Tulane University in New Orleans. These lessons have now become available for the very first time to the serious student through Cooks Publishing Company. As if that weren't enough, in 1994, Cook was accepted into the Art Instruction School in Minnesota where he graduated in the top three of his class! In 1999 Frank Cook released to the public his award winning fine art Pencil Portraits of his Masters of Music series. This one of a kind collection pays tribute to their everlasting contribution to American culture and music.

Cooks Publishing Company.


"Frank Cook has provided the serious student of the electric bass with enough material and ideas to last a lifetime. I know this because he has indeed spent most of his adult life perfecting these lessons so that you may excel in mastering the instrument. The other half of his life has been dedicated to his original artwork, an amazing feat in it self! I believe Frank Cook to be a total original in his approach to music and art and you will gain much by applying his knowledge to your life as well."
Andy Lalasis, bassist / instructor

Beautifully done Frank, the theory and chord stuff is great
Instructor, University of the Arts; Philadelphia, PA.

"Thanks Frank for providing a melodic, musical and challenging collection of Solo Bass Etudes. I will be recommending these to all my students."
Rich Kelly, bassist / instructor.

"Frank Cook is one of Philadelphia.s up and coming bassists and composers of today. A breath of fresh air"
Jack LLoyd, Philadelphia Inquirer.

"I would recommend these Etudes for anyone to play. I sure can't"
Pudley Canker, bassist for Smudge.